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2021 Opportunities: Are you staying competitive in the face of accelerated change?

Thought Leadership White Paper

The events of 2020 brought radically altered economies, heavy regulatory influences, and major market changes. In 2021, refiners and chemicals, plastics, and fertilizer manufacturers must stay on top of trends to remain competitive.

Investments are happening

Talking about Digital Transformation, ESG Investing, and Energy Transition in the right context to senior leadership can attract the capital you need. In this three-part white paper, we break down the ways you can use emerging opportunities to attract capital for your Emergency Readiness mission and simultaneously support corporate goals. 

The pace of change is accelerating. Are you keeping up? 

In our Upheaval and Opportunity: Industry Trends and Emergency Response in 2021 white paper, we look closely at how you can position these trends to get the capital you need:


  • Digital Transformation: The top three ways digitizing Emergency Readiness can be viewed as a high-impact investment against competing priorities
  • ESG Investing: How Emergency Readiness can represent a significant, measurable metric for social impact
  • Energy Transition: How to take advantage of the shift in capital investment so you can be ready for anything, even though you can’t prepare for everything

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