AllClear For Turnarounds

Account for your personnel during turnarounds, shutdowns, and construction projects.

Maximize time on tools

Traditional methods cause delays that drain productivity.

Speed to accountability

Your Emergency Response and Operations teams require accurate and up-to-the-second data on who is at risk.

Operational excellence

Paper and pen sign-in/sign-out sheets are not enough and represent an OSHA compliance risk.


Accounting for personnel working in hazardous areas
can be challenging 

Due to manual sign-in/sign-out sheets, you probably feel unprepared and overwhelmed for an incident–and the results can be tragic. AllClear helps you organize & optimize your daily duties, roles & response. Additionally, it reduces the risks onsite during shutdowns & turnarounds, so you can start accounting for your people now.

With AllClear For Turnarounds, you can

  • Maintain a visible list of personnel in high hazard areas
  • Alert operators if an unqualified person is present
  • Automatically remove personnel when they forget to sign out
  • Search records of personnel in each unit
  • Achieve up-to-the-second accountability during an incident
  • Enable historical reporting and analytics

Real Time Mustering

Clear Feedback To Personnel

Secure Wireless Connection

Hands-free Operation

AllClear Unit Accountability, Deployed

Freestanding Single AllClear Emergency
Assembly Station

Freestanding AllClear Unit
Accountability Station

Are you ready to account for your people now? Here’s how. 

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