[White Paper] Emergency Readiness as Social Value: How World Class Response Teams are Meeting the Challenge of ESG


How Digital Transformation enables greater Social Impact for High Hazard manufacturers.

ESG Investing
ESG is a form of socially responsible investing that evaluates investment in a company based upon its environmental (E) and social impact (S) as well as the quality of its corporate governance (G).

In the latest white paper, inFRONT CEO Chris Laibe introduces industry-leading ideas about your organization and the positive impact that Emergency Readiness is already having, from the field operations staff all the way to the boardroom.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How your company’s Emergency Readiness and Response metrics affect the ESG profile of your organization
  • How socially responsible companies can use Emergency Readiness to drive improvements in their ESG scorecards
  • How Digital Transformation can improve Social Impact
  • How committing to continuous improvement in Readiness drives competitive advantage for your business

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