AllClear by inFRONT helps guide high-hazard sites on their journey to 100% accountability.

100% in 15 minutes

Using proven processes and systems, you’ll be able to account for 100% of your personnel—fast. 

Avoid tragic results

Knowing exactly who’s in your high-hazard units can save lives in case of an incident.

Save time and money

 Replacing traditional inefficient methods means more accurate accountability, PSM compliance, and time on tools.

A new site manager wanted to know what his #1 challenge would be in the event of an emergency. Mike Estes, Emergency Response Advisor at LOTTE Chemical, responded: “Accountability!” He asked, “what do we need in place to make this better?” Mike’s response: “AllClear!”

Every day you delay is another day of unnecessary risk

All too often you don’t have accurate data to know who’s on-site, where they are, and whether they are qualified to be there. If you’re caught unprepared during an incident, you’re exposing everyone on site to unreasonable risk and possible tragedy.

Solutions for every aspect of emergency readiness

AllClear for Mustering

AllClear provides
up-to-the-second data
and empowers emergency
responders to act quickly
when emergencies happen.

AllClear for Unit Accountability

Improve safety,
time on tools, and
regulatory compliance
with Unit Accountability
that really works.

AllClear Equipped

Feel confident your
equipment is ready with
our emergency response equipment readiness software.

AllClear for Turnarounds

Account for all
personnel on your
site during turnarounds,
shutdowns, and
construction projects.

Are you ready to get to 100% in 15 minutes? Here’s how. 

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Build stakeholder support
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Implement AllClear
We’ll be there from engagement through your first drill.

Account for your people now
Start accounting for everyone on your site.

100% with the best in the business

Accounting for people on high-hazard sites is all we do–and we’ve been doing it longer than anyone.

Dozens of organizations use AllClear, including 

One of the largest refineries in North America

The top two chemical companies in the world

With our proven success accounting for 100% of personnel in multiple real-life incidents, you can count on us to help you be ready to save lives in an emergency.

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