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Creating a safer workplace for everyone

Emergency response leaders carry a heavy responsibility. You care about your people, and you want to see them get home to their families.

But are you sure you’d be able to find them quickly in an emergency?

We know that sometimes fear of change can get in the way of process improvement. Maybe you have existing systems that people think are good enough. But you know that “Good enough is NOT good enough.”

We’ve worked side by side with people just like you and those you protect. We know how vulnerable you can feel when you are unable to account for your people, and we know how important it is to trust the people and organizations who promise to help.

Built by people like you, for people like you

We didn’t start as technology looking for a problem. We started with a problem looking for a solution. Nobody had the solution, so we built one from the ground up.

Our founder, Christopher Laibe, grew up with a father and grandfather who worked in petrochemicals and refining, and he witnessed their commitment to sending colleagues home safely to their families. After 12 years working in the industry with people just like those you protect, he founded inFRONT in 2002 to help solve the problem of site accountability.

Now, over 20 years later, inFRONT customers consistently achieve 100% accountability with AllClear. We’ve helped dozens of sites, including those at the top two chemical companies in the world and the largest refinery in North America consistently achieve 100% accountability.

And we won’t stop until every site in the world feels confident they can account for all their people in an emergency.

4 steps to get to 100%

Become your site’s champion of emergency readiness and feel confident your people are accounted for.

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I wanted to build tools for companies to keep their employees safe, and I knew that the key to our success was a deep understanding of the markets we serve.

|  Christopher Laibe
   Founder & President

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