Unit Accountability that works


Is your Unit Accountability (sign in/sign out) process really working?

What’s the worst-kept secret for safety professionals? It’s that the logbook doesn’t work. People wait in line, write illegibly and forget to sign out.

This process wastes 5-10 minutes per person and loses time on tools. This also leaves emergency response personnel blind in an emergency since the logbook doesn’t keep track of who is in the unit in real-time.  

You’re probably frustrated by your current process and know that there must be a better way. inFRONT has spent years at sites like yours. We know that these old processes don’t keep people safe. That’s why we created AllClear Unit Accountability.

Trusted worldwide

AllClear Unit Accountability is trusted across 3 continents and dozens of sites. We account for over 5 million people every year, including every unit in the largest refinery in North America. We’ve become so trusted by the industry that we are frequently asked to speak at industry conferences on digitizing manual processes.

Every site is unique, but we’ve been able to improve safety, time on tools, and regulatory compliance for sites ranging from fewer than 5 units to sites with dozens of units.

Get Unit Accountability that actually works

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Know who is in your units at all times

Always be certain of who is where. 

Certainty at your fingertips

In a site-wide event the goal is 100% in 15 minutes. But in a unit you only have a minute or two. With AllClear Unit Accountability, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all your people in units are accounted for at all times.

That means you will be:

Certain that those who badged in are still in the unit
Certain that those who left the unit have badged out
Certain that in an emergency you won’t be left guessing where your people are
Certain that all personnel in a unit are qualified to work there

Don’t wait for the process to fail

Don’t wait until a first responder risks their life trying to rescue someone from a unit who isn't there.

Don’t wait until there’s a big enough problem for leadership to demand change.

Be the safety champion your coworkers need and lead the charge for fast, accurate, and reliable Unit Accountability.

Want to see AllClear in action?

See how our solution has helped facilities of all sizes improve their unit accountability process.

For example, how the largest refinery site of a globally integrated energy company regularly accounts for 1500 people in 11 minutes using AllClear Unit Accountability.

Improve your Unit Accountability process