What People Are Saying

This is the most well-conceived, well-executed software we have ever seen.

Emergency Response Project Manager

Leading Synthetic Rubber Producer

Everyone at the site sees the value of the system as much more than we paid for AllClear. Our ability to learn from the data and the ease of adapting the system keeps us moving forward to continuously improve our capabilities.

Emergency Response Coordinator

Top 2 Global Refiner

The data we gather with AllClear helps us understand better ways to manage our emergency assembly, enabling us to improve with each drill and incident.

Emergency Response Manager

Top 5 Global Refiner

inFRONT’s products and people were instrumental in achieving our emergency response goals.

Emergency Response Coordinator

Top 10 Global Refiner

inFRONT’s AllClear solution helped us compress our emergency assembly exercise from over 8 hours to just 15 minutes.

HSE Manager

Top 5 Chemical Manufacturer

AllClear does mustering. My access control system does not.

Director of Safety, Security, and PSM

Top 5 US Refiner

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Compliance Manager

Top 20 Global Chemical Manufacturer

I wanted to compliment you on the design, delivery and setup of the last portable Unit Accountability Station.  That was well received by the users in the field to have that mobile reader in the lunch tent to badge in and out of the unit from the tent.  The Electronic Unit Accountability process here has taken off, is well received and supported. The expansion of the UA process to turnaround tents is a testament to the robustness and functionality of the UA system and process.  Also to mention, we now have all 11 portable Assembly Stations deployed in the field, online and working as designed. The project guys love it!

Site Security & Emergency Response Officer

Top 10 US Refinery

inFRONT’s rental program is great for us in managing projects. It really made it easy to allocate the costs to the right cost center for each project.

Turnaround Manager

Top 10 US Refinery

AllClear’s “Now” screen is what we use to monitor our readiness for an event. We can see everything we need to know on one screen so it’s essential in our control center.

Shift Emergency Response Supervisor

Top 20 Chemicals Manufacturer