You can’t control everything, but you can be ready for anything.

The recent storms on the Gulf Coast reinforce several of the messages that we at inFRONT continually share with the industry. These messages are:

  • Have a plan
  • Practice your plan
  • Analyze
  • Improve

As we say, to anyone who will listen, “Safety is a rhythm. ​It requires regular practice followed by analysis and improvements.” Let’s look at these issues as they relate to the recent tornadoes in the Gulf Coast region:

Have a plan

I called into a facility during last week’s event and the gentleman with whom I spoke said, “ Your timing is uncanny.  We are sheltering in place but we don’t know where everyone is.”  I told him I would call back later; but the thought occurred to me that it is very likely that they didn’t have a specific, written plan on how to respond during a tornado.

If they do have a plan, it was clear that they hadn’t practiced it enough or trained their staff or contractors.  The missing people were the glaring proof of the need to practice.


Drill, baby, drill.  inFRONT has customers who drill EVERY week. These customers complete the drills in under 15 minutes.  This gives them the time to address scenarios and build the “muscle memory” so that when there is a tornado, they’ve developed the instincts to respond correctly.


In order to effectively analyze the results of any practice, you needs tools.  The NFL uses a stopwatch to measure the 40 yard times for college prospects.  Your company has a balance sheet to measure financial status and results. What tool does your site have to accurately measure the activities of the staff, the time to accountability and the opportunities to improve.  How would you rate your site’s response to the most recent weather related event?


With information available from AllClear’s forensic reporting, our customers are able to analyze the results and adjust.  Whether they make a change to a specific Shelter in Place area, provide coaching to a specific contractor organization or choose to revamp an entire Emergency Response approach, AllClear’s Forensic capabilities allow customers to use REAL, measurable information to improve response time and activity.

By building a continuous improvement rhythm into your site’s Emergency response approach, your team will be more productive, safer and more prepared in the event that a real emergency takes place.

To learn how Best-In-Class facilities are using AllClear to Plan, Practice, Analyze, and Improve, contact us today.