industrial firefighter walks across an elevated path towards a fire

One of the biggest challenges with running a technology company is translating technology advancements into problem-solving products.There are new developments and applications of technology nearly every day. Sometimes these advancements are groundbreaking and change everything. Remember, the commercial internet is barely 30 years old. Others are already ingrained into our way of life, but their fullest potential remains to be seen. Artificial intelligence fits this description.

Behind the technology, there are principles and applications that should never change. At inFRONT, we commit ourselves to our customers’ readiness. Specifically, the need to find everyone in 15 minutes, or less. Obviously, the faster your site can account for 100% of your people, the better. It may be that new technology makes this process easier. So far, though, the keys to success are well thought out processes, application of trustworthy technology with access to real-time, accurate data, and muscle memory through practice.

Five years ago, inFRONT’s Founder Chris Laibe wrote a blog post called, “How to Get to Fifteen Minutes.” I’ve read it several times recently and am struck by two things:

  1. How true the principles remain.
  2. How many of inFRONT’s customers are achieving and beating the 15 minute goal.

Regularly, we have customers tell us about 10 minute drills or about accounting for 100% of their people in 15 minutes during an event. In fact, I recently spoke to a large chemical customer who achieved 100% accountability in 13 minutes during an actual release event. Similarly, I observed a 12 minute drill at a new customer. The site achieved 100% accountability.

What’s stopping your site from getting to 100% in under 15 minutes?