Mike Estes, Emergency Response Advisor at LOTTE Chemical, explains why he chose AllClear:

“My past experience in Emergency Services recognized the importance of accountability during emergencies. I was hired by LOTTE Chemical in late 2017 to get emergency response programs in place for plant startup. LOTTE Chemical, being a new petrochemical facility, allowed me the opportunity to get the systems in place. As the emergency response programs were being established, I reached out to my counterparts to understand the systems they were using for emergency response service. One of those was accountability.

My relationship with Louisiana Radio from a previous employer allowed me the opportunity to establish a new relationship through LOTTE Chemical. During this time in 2018, LRC shared with me a new and improved system being used for accountability and who in the area was using this system. I was introduced to John Barth with inFRONT. He shared with me the AllClear system. I was also informed one of our local chemical plants was in the process of installing the AllClear system. I reached out to this local chemical plant and made contact with a counterpart. Here I was able to talk to a new AllClear user and understand the system and the challenges they faced.

Through LRC, we began moving forward with AllClear. The EHS Manager at the time for LOTTE Chemical was not involved nor sold on the AllClear system. It was not until we were invited to the neighboring chemical plant for a demonstration that the EHS Manager was sold on All Clear.

inFRONT, LRC, and I looked at the infrastructure for LOTTE Chemical and devised a plan to install the AllClear system. This was met with challenges because the new company was concerned with the construction budget. Only after start up, a new EHS Manager and new Site Manager were in a place we were able to move forward with looking at new and improved systems. LOTTE Chemical was using a paper-based system and was still working to correct our security badging system Lenel. The new site manager wanted to know what his #1 challenge would be in the event of an emergency. My response – accountability! What do we need in place to make this better he asked. My response – AllClear!

John Barth conducted a presentation to our management staff on the benefits that AllClear could provide us during emergencies. The management staff agreed and secured the funding in 2021. Cassandra, John, and I began the planning and AllClear was installed in June 2022! The system provides the critical information needed during an emergency by working with our badging system, Lenel, and allows emergency services to know where employees are located during an emergency.

The support from inFRONT and LRC is excellent. They have great teams in place at both locations to help troubleshoot any issues we may experience and I could not ask for a better relationship with John Barth and Cassandra Bankens.”