The AllClear Platform

AllClear by inFRONT helps guide high-hazard sites on their journey to 100% accountability.

AllClear Mustering

Get up-to-the-second data and empower emergency responders to act quickly.

AllClear Unit Accountability

Improve safety, time on tools, and regulatory compliance with Unit Accountability that really works.

AllClear For Turnarounds

Account for all personnel on your site during turnarounds, shutdowns, and construction projects.

AllClear Equipped

Feel confident your equipment is ready with our emergency response equipment readiness software.

AllClear Hot Zone

See all of your emergency responders in the hot zone in real time.

Emergency Response Roster

Maintain a live list of all personnel who are members of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) and their locations.

Blog Articles

Why Equipment Readiness Matters

​One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is the opportunity to hear and understand the challenges that our emergency response customers have in doing their jobs. Whether they are an introvert or extrovert, analytical or visceral,...

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Don’t Try This At Home!

When it comes to Emergency Management, the difference between data and actionable data can be life or death. Nobody likes admitting they have a problem - especially when it comes to preparations that we know are necessary. Similar to the...

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Offsite Incident Management What-If Scenarios

We've recently released a series of “what if” scenarios that some of our customers have either experienced or were prepared for because they had already asked, “what if?” One recurring question that stood out to us the most was “how do we...

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Why Did LOTTE Chemical Choose AllClear?

Mike Estes, Emergency Response Advisor at LOTTE Chemical, explains why he chose AllClear: “My past experience in Emergency Services recognized the importance of accountability during emergencies. I was hired by LOTTE Chemical in late 2017...

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