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What a beautiful country. The land is a tropical paradise of mountains, forests, and beaches. The Filipino people are delightful, with a culture that exudes kindness and genuine interest.

​The cities are teeming with people and you can see examples of Filipino ingenuity everywhere, like the common public transportation by “Jeepney”, a descendant of the Willys Jeeps that were brought to the country by the US Army in World War II.

​These rugged vehicles support a vast network of routes and are incredibly cost (if not environmentally) efficient. Not only were they adapted from their original military purpose, but they are also creatively personalized by their owners.

As I spent my first day in the city, I wondered how the traits I observed would affect the culture and effectiveness of emergency response teams in the country’s refineries. I didn’t have long to wait as I made my way to a refinery outside Manila the next day.

The first thing I detected about the culture onsite was the family atmosphere. Even visitors to the site were greeted with a familiarity that I had not seen elsewhere. I had the impression that, under duress of an event, this cultural trait would be an asset to the facility. Rather than an”Every man for himself” culture, it felt like a “we’re all in this together” culture.

The refinery is situated on a bay with its own wharf and is nestled between hills so the shape of the plant site is shaped like a teardrop. Business practices adhered firmly to corporate policy and the staff were intent on continuous improvement of their existing capabilities in emergency response.

As we surveyed the site, the plan for managing staff during an emergency was well thought out, and AllClear is well suited to support it. We had to slightly relocate a few of the assembly points for practical reasons, but that was really the only adjustment that needed to be made. I was very happy with the enthusiasm for the improvement that AllClear brings.

I left the site with the distinct impression that the esprit de corps of the emergency response staff, the healthy culture of the greater plant staff, and the guidance of the parent company work well together to create a safe site. I am confident that they will make the most of what AllClear has to offer in improving their readiness and continually improving their emergency response process.

Next stop: Kuala Lumpur