Over the holidays, I took some time to reflect on the past 12 months at inFRONT, and it gave me time to recall many of the lessons learned from our work in refining and petrochemicals. Each learning came from the experiences we or our customers had in striving to become better at emergency response. Some were surprising and some were not, but each one of them shared a common thread – They all came to light because better data was at hand. 

Emergency Response in general, and mustering in particular, are processes that have evolved without the benefit of trustworthy, timely, Actionable dataOur 2018 journey reminded me of one of my first posts on this blog and its claim that Emergency Responders and the people they protect deserve better data than the status quo provides.

2018 certainly supported that claim and the sites that adopted AllClear since then are delivering on their promise of continuous improvement. One of my greatest sources of pride is the AllClear site who extinguished a fire, accounted for all 900 on site, and issued a positive statement to the press in a little over an hour and a half. They achieved this through a continuous improvement process of practice, analysis, improvement and repetition.

We are starting to see proof of our vision, that each site can become safer every day. In 2018, we commit to accelerating our work and showing our client’s peers that our vision can indeed become reality.