Coming from the Gulf Coast, Los Angeles is another world. Dry, vast, and physically diverse. It’s amazing that I could have gone for a swim in the Pacific Ocean and then 2 hours later schussed down a ski slope. It’s no wonder why so many people live out here.

That collision between massive population and a precious environment is no more evident than at the refining and petrochemical facilities in and around Los Angeles.


​With residences so close, the margin for error when containing an incident and reporting back to the community is razor thin. The notification system alerts not only the plant staff, but also the homeowners and local media, putting additional pressure on the site emergency response organizations. It occurred to me that these plants will greatly benefit from the rapidly available data in AllClear.


On site at an area refinery, I saw that the emergency response teams get strong support from site management as they pursue their mission of readiness because the viability of the plant in the community is paramount. This creates a culture of accountability and excellence, and I detected that the staff, because of their traditional “California lifestyle” had a special affection for the environment that gave them intensity in their jobs.


With these important cultural underpinnings, our new client is an ideal user who will get the most out of AllClear.


Where safety personnel used to only make educated guesses about an emergency situation, they will have data to make their decision faster and more accurately. In addition, their post event analysis will give them hard data instead of hearsay. I can’t wait to see where they are after a few months with the system.


Next stop: The Philippines.