John Barth inFRONT Promotion

New Orleans, LA, March 24, 2022 – inFRONT is pleased to announce the promotion of John Barth to Director of Revenue. John will join the inFRONT management team and continue to report directly to CEO Chris Laibe.

John joined the company as Senior Accounts Manager in 2016 with extensive experience in high value selling that was complemented by a recent focus in industrial technology. Through a personal commitment to continuously improve inFRONT’s sales, marketing, and customer experience processes, John won the business for AllClear, inFRONT’s groundbreaking Emergency Readiness and Response platform, at many of the largest and most demanding companies in the critical infrastructure. Through this work, inFRONT is poised for dramatic growth over the next several years.

In his new role, John will have responsibility for fulfilling the promise of high growth for AllClear by scaling inFRONT’s sales and marketing effort.

About inFRONT
inFRONT is dedicated to improving business processes in the critical infrastructure using the most current and effective technologies. For over 30 years, the company has cultivated a strong competency in hazardous work environments and in integrating its solutions among core business applications like Physical Access Control Systems (PACS). Through AllClear, the only emergency response platform built specifically for high-hazard industries, emergency responders receive actionable data fast enough to save lives. AllClear users achieve World-Class emergency readiness and reduce risk to their people. For more information on inFRONT, visit, email, or call 800.256.2003, option 1.