The AllClear Platform

AllClear by inFRONT helps guide high-hazard sites on their journey to 100% accountability.

AllClear Mustering

Get up-to-the-second data and empower emergency responders to act quickly.

AllClear Unit Accountability

Improve safety, time on tools, and regulatory compliance with Unit Accountability that really works.

AllClear For Turnarounds

Account for all personnel on your site during turnarounds, shutdowns, and construction projects.

AllClear Equipped

Feel confident your equipment is ready with our emergency response equipment readiness software.

AllClear Hot Zone

See all of your emergency responders in the hot zone in real time.

Emergency Response Roster

Maintain a live list of all personnel who are members of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) and their locations.

Paraphrased from the video 

Plant managers, site directors, or vice presidents have broad responsibility–from hundred-million-dollar budgets to thousands of personnel. The board of directors and stakeholders both work on the ESG strategy. This includes community relations, social impact, and governance.

A large part of their job is public relations. There must be a discussion about the positive and negative impacts on the surrounding community. If an incident or event affects the plant or personnel—they must tell the media the status of the situation.

I’ve heard executives say that “when [it] hits the fan, I have to tell the media what’s going on, and I have to tell them the truth. The only way I’m able to tell them the truth is if I have accurate information. The only way I can provide accurate information is if my team is armed with the technology to give data that’s in real-time, up to date, and verifiable.” If they don’t have this data, they run the risk of their personal integrity and that of their company being compromised.