“Adapt or die.”

“Listen to your customers.”

“Have fun at work.”

These three mantras have been part of my career from the start. I was able to work for companies like Disney and a major league baseball team as a college student and just after I graduated. Disney continues to adapt, listen to their customers, MLB is in the process of creating a short, “sprint” season for us fans (i.e. customers) to enjoy and frankly, both companies were a blast to work for.

inFRONT has weathered the worst Global economic situation in our lifetime and, following these three mantras, will continue to thrive going forward. I don’t say this to brag, but to ask you to come along on this journey with us.

inFRONT is adapting to the new demands of our market with new features around Emergency Readiness. It’s not enough to respond. We need the tools to be ready and KNOW we’re ready. This includes technology “on-demand,” if you will. That’s why we’ve introduced AllClear’s Emergency Readiness as a Service model. This will allow your team to be ready and your colleagues tasked with Digital Transformation to exceed this goal as it regards your Emergency Response teams.

As we have listened to our customers, we have heard, loud and clear, that our mutual mission is bigger than safety. During these turbulent times, Social Responsibility is as important as running a profitable enterprise. inFRONT is responding by providing technology that allows your site(s) to trace those that may test positive for COVID-19. Equally important, inFRONT is listening very carefully to leadership as our customers gauge their capital investment choices and weigh the ability to serve stakeholders with Environmental, Social, and Governance driven investors (ESG). Chris Laibe, inFRONT’s President, will soon publish a white paper outlining the value of ESG focus as it relates to securing investor backing for capital expenditures.

Finally, how do we take on this very serious mission, in the midst of a serious health and economic crisis and still have fun? FOOD! That’s right. As we asked what makes us unique, we landed on our headquarters in New Orleans and the culture from which we were born. New Orleans says a lot of things, foremost among them is food. We hope you have received and are enjoying our Lagniappe series with unique and fun recipes. We’d welcome your contributions to the recipe campaign, as well.

These remain crucial and challenging times. We pray that you and your family are safe and healthy. We ask you to consider how your organization will ensure Emergency Readiness in the next year or two. Perhaps we can schedule a conversation to discuss your strategy in this area.

Meanwhile, we look forward to the time when we can enjoy doing business in person again and, we’ll be able to say what they say in the Big Easy, “Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!” (Let the Good Times Roll!)

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