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6 Lessons the Astros Teach Us About Emergency Response Excellence

“It’s about using all the information – quality information – that you can get your hands on and making decisions with that quality information that helps you gain an edge…” Jeff Luhnow


​There is a bumper sticker we see here from time to time.  It says, “I’m Not from Texas, But I Got Here As Fast As I Could!”

​That’s my story.  I moved to Houston in 1993. I was a new college graduate with no marketable skills and a performing arts degree.  I was engaged to be married, broke and hungry.  But, I had been an above average baseball player in high school and even played a season at the college level.  So, when I opened the Houston Chronicle and saw an ad for a sales executive with the Astros, I jumped at the chance to apply.  I passed the interview by answering baseball questions.  I hadn’t successfully sold anything since my school’s magazine drive in the 2nd grade.  But I got the job!

Now, I am a Houstonian. I have lived here for 24 years, married my college sweetheart and raised our kids in this great city.  I have remained faithful to my team and waited the whole time to celebrate the Astros World Championship. This championship is particularly poignant after the damage Harvey brought to our area.

The championship earned in 2017 started in 2011 when the Astros hired Jeff Luhnow as their General Manager. Luhnow had a plan that involved a couple of core beliefs. These were:

  • Accurate and timely information drives decision making at every level in the organization
  • A winning culture can be created and sustained.

What does my story have to with your Emergency Response Team?  It turns out that the Astros followed the same core beliefs we have espoused to our clients for years now.  With the right information, you can create a championship culture of safety and emergency response. AllClear, the only Emergency Response Platform designed and built for Emergency Responders in the high hazard industrial arena, can be your tool for success.

Jeff Luhnow and his team were clear about their plan from day one. Maybe these will help your team too:

  1. Have a long-term plan for continuous improvement. – Jeff Luhnow defined a plan for success.  He expected success and anticipated the journey. Like his team, you’ll need a plan for each scenario you may face.
  2. Have the right information available to make in-game decisions. – Luhnow, Astros Manager AJ Hinch, and the entire organization use up to date information in deciding pitching changes, pinch hitters, defensive alignment, etc.  Their data is so up to date that batters can review each at bat when they return to the dugout!  Similarly, AllClear’s real time dashboard  provides accurate, timely information for making key “in game,” lifesaving decisions.
  3. Make sure your leadership believes in and supports the plan. Astros ownership never wavered in their support.  Does your site or corporate leadership know and support your plan?
  4. Stay the course, but adjust. – The Astros never abandoned their plan, but they did make changes.  Most notably, they added Justin Verlander at this year’s trade deadline.  You’ll need to get better too.   AllClear’s Forensic reporting capabilities allow you and your team to analyze actual results of drills or incidents, identify gaps and improve.
  5. Put the right team on the field – Like adding great pitching, AllClear’s ERT Roster gives you Real Time Awareness of all ERT’s and skillsets available to respond appropriately.
  6. Practice. Practice. Practice. – More accurate and timely data means you and your team can afford to drill more frequently or, at the least, more effectively.

One final thought to consider; while the Astros Championship brought joy to an area that needed it desperately, you don’t need to wait for a disaster to apply these lessons.  Like the Astros, planning and execution now can bring relief and joy when an incident may actually occur.

If your Emergency Response Team has decided to take the journey to a championship, give us a call.