If there’s an incident or if there’s an actual event that affects the plant itself, personnel, hospitalizations, damage to property, God helps us, fatalities, things like that. It’s that plant manager, that site director, that vice president that has to stand in front of the media and tell them the status of the situation. I’ve heard from multiple people recently, one of them told me, I don’t want to use a direct quote, but I’m paraphrasing.

He said that, “When it hits the fan I have to tell the media what’s going on and I have to tell them the truth. The only way I’m able to tell the truth is if I have accurate information. The only way I can have accurate information is that if my team is armed with the right technology to give them data that is accurate, that is real-time, up to date, and verifiable.” Otherwise, that particular executive runs the risk of their own personal integrity and that of their company being compromised.

2021 emergency response trends